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Post RefJob TitleDetailsPDF FileClosing Date
IRC156373Research Scientist for Integrative BiologyThe Pirbright Institute carries out fundamental and strategic research into viral diseases of livestock including those with zoonotic potential. As part of the research within the 3 programmes, data on biological systems are generated at an unprecedented rate by the new high-throughput techniques. Consequently, we are rapidly accumulating information about practically all aspects of cell function, such as DNA and protein sequences, mRNA expression levels, post-translational modifications, protein-protein interactions, metabolic pathways, protein complexes, epigenetic changes as well as biological variations within populations. As part of strengthening the bioinformatics capability for analysis and integration of increasing amounts of complex biological datasets, we are looking to recruit a scientist in this area. The core mission of the group will be to establish and develop computational approaches to extract meaningful biological information from all the relevant experimental techniques. The focus will be on the computational efficiency of the analysis, the integration of different techniques and the final display of the data in a way useful to biologists. The group is expected to play a key role in developing novel systems analysis pathways to assess and visualize the inner workings of the cells infected by different animal viruses, pathogens, at all levels (e.g. DNA, transcription, translation, proteins, metabolic pathways) PDF21-09-2014
IRC154274 Scientific Grant AdministratorThe post holder will support multi-organisational research teams in the delivery of specific objectives across 3 identified grants and provide personal assistant duties to The Head of the Viral Diseases Programme. The job holder will also spend 30% or their time supporting the recently funded UK veterinary vaccinology network, in addition to arranging meetings for up to 150 people there will be a need to establish and maintain an up to date and dynamic website for the network in collaboration with computing specialists..........PDF10-09-2014
IRC154353Senior Science Technician (Maternity Cover)The post holder will support the day to day activities of the Non-Vesicular Reference Laboratories at the Pirbright Institute. The primary purpose of NVRL is to provide a diagnostic service and characterise outbreaks of certain viral diseases that have a strong predisposition for trans-boundary spread. The post holder will assist in maintenance of the quality standards within the laboratory. In addition the post-holder will also act as a focus for transition of the NVRL to DP1. This will include liaising with operations personnel to ensure safe movement of both equipment and virus samples and assisting in organising the movement of UKAS 17025 accredited tests to DP1 including pre and post validation........ PDF10-09-2014

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Post RefJob TitleDetailsPDF FileClosing Date
2013/2014FellowshipsThe Pirbright Institute is a world-leading centre for research and surveillance to prevent virus diseases of livestock and virus transmission from animals to humans. We wish to attract and encourage the best scientists to join the Institute to help take forward this important and exciting area of science. In order to help achieve this aim, the Institute has introduced its own Fellowships Scheme to enable outstanding early-stage, post-doctoral scientists to develop their own research programme, within the remit of the Institute. The Institute is also open to discussions with prospective employees who wish to apply for externally funded fellowships based at the Pirbright Institute. If you would like to discuss how your own scientific ideas might fit with these possible openings, informal enquiries can be made to the Institute Director of Science, Professor David Paton (e-mail: Alternatively telephone 01483 232441 or e-mail