Innovate Guildford

04 March, 2017 to 04 March, 2017

Innovate Guildford is a free festival taking place from 10am to 5pm at Guildford's GLive. The science and arts festival will showcase amazing innovation happening in and around Guildford - from cutting-edge research to a sneak preview into the future. The Pirbright Institute will be among the many companies that are exhibiting.

Listen to our scientists speak in the Glass Room from 11:45am about what flu is, how our science helps protect your food and learn about the exciting new vaccines we’re developing.

You can also come and see us on our stand where we can tell you more about how we help to protect the food on your plate. Meet our researchers who work to predict, control and prevent devastating diseases like foot-and-mouth disease, in the UK and globally. Hear from our Flu Fighters; the scientists who study bird and swine flu viruses and use cutting-edge technology to produce innovative vaccines that are quicker and easier to produce - saving lives and money. We’re excited to be supporting Innovate Guildford 2017 - showing how science in Surrey is amongst the best in the world.

It is part of our mission to enthuse the next generation about the science that is on their very own doorstep. We want to share our passion for science with others so that they too can see just what a fascinating time it is to work in the industry; and that working in science doesn’t just mean working in a lab. We want to show visitors that you don’t have to be a scientist to be interested in science. 

Please visit the Innovate Guildford website for more information.

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