The Pirbright Institute receives strategic funding from BBSRC

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) underpin virtually all aspects of our daily lives. To maintain our standard of living, indeed to progress it, the country needs a steady flow of people with enthusiasm and expertise in STEM. In the UK in recent years there has been a decline in the number of school children specialising in these areas. To help redress this situation STEM specialists from all manner of organisations engage with school students to enthuse them, and to increase their knowledge. Staff of The Pirbright Institute play a role in this. You can see images of several of our activities in schools in the various picture galleries here.

Beyond this objective, we believe that it is self-evidently a good thing to enthuse every child about the STEM aspects of life, and to show how STEM professionals go about their craft in a methodical, controlled way, producing evidence to guide society in its decision-making.

We also interact with the public more widely, including specific stakeholders e.g. farmers, to enlighten them as to what is going on in the sphere of animal health, and threats to it and the associated rural economy. Links to pictures of some of our activities are on this page.

Our experts have contributed many times to the media, including articles in newspapers and magazines, radio and TV programmes, and videos on the web.